Getting the Very Best Hotel Rates

Staying at a upgraded hotel room when you are on your trips can make your trip much more fun and enjoyable.

Too bad that most of us have to pass this option up and instead go for a more inexpensive or moderately priced hotel. However, there really are some very good tactics to use to get the hotel room that you really want at a price that you can really afford.

All it takes is some research and planning on your behalf but it can be done. As you might imagine, weekends in the hotel business are the busy times so it will be difficult to get discounted rates.

But with a little strategic planning such as working your trip during the week will help you get a much lower rate.

It’s not just the weekends that you have to watch for when it comes to rates. You also need to be aware of seasonal times so that you don’t try to book your trip during the busy season. However during the off-season, the opposite will many times hold true and you can get some very nice rates for very nice hotel rooms. Also, if you’re a member of any organizations such as Triple A, American Association of Retired People, or the military, be sure to check on any discounts that the various hotels might allow you as a member.

If you are not quite certain, by all means then call the hotels and find out just what discounts to the various memberships they might offer. And by the way… while you have them on the phone don’t be shy about getting them to quote you their absolute lowest price they can offer.

Don’t forget about the web either. There are some great services on the Internet that allow you to compare all the various prices and even shop from these websites. Many of the various hotels have reward programs that reward customers for staying with them on a frequent basis. If you are the type that travels a bit, these reward programs can be very beneficial.

Also, make sure you mention the length of your stay when you are speaking with the desk clerk or booking your reservations. Once you arrive at the hotel be sure to ask them if they have any upgrades available.

During slow times for just a slight bump in the cost of your room you can many times be afforded a very nice upgrade. So, if they have a nicer room available they may just on her your request. Also be mindful of the type of room location that you like and don’t forget to discuss this with the desk clerk or the booking agent.

For example, if you would like a room at the end of the hall with no neighbors and away from the traffic noise, then make sure that you request these things in advance. Planning your stay as far as you can advance is also a good way to insure that you get the room and the amenities that you want.

Probably the biggest advantage you can have when you travel is flexibility. The more flexible you are with your itinerary and your stay the better chance you have of nailing down some really nice upgrades. So, if you’re flexible keep a sharp eye on various price quotes. By doing this you can really grab onto some great last minute deals and short term discounted offers.

Believe it or not, you can work some good deals even when you walk into the lobby later in the evening and request a room. The hotel clerk realizes that not much traffic is going to be coming at this time of night so they might as well get some discounted rate rather than no rate at all.

In other words, without you there the room would otherwise go unused. However, they might be thinking that since you look so tired they will score a big hit on you just because you are so tired you will except whatever rate they quote you. Don’t fall for this. And don’t be afraid to negotiate their offer.

If you happen to be traveling as a part of a group, then by all means make sure that you negotiate your room rates. Do not merely accept the quoted offer from the hotel.

Having occupied rooms that produce revenue is the primary goal of any hotel. So, when times are a bit slower and the hotels aren’t completely booked, it is a great time to negotiate a discounted price or an upgraded room. For the hotel generating some revenue for room is certainly better than that room producing no revenue at all.

Discount Hotel Rooms

Who says that discount hotel rooms are only available at shabby motels? With a little creativity and a whole lot of patience, you book a room in a posh hotel and enjoy luxury at a big discount. Get everything you have always wanted – 24-hour room service, comfortable bed linens and a concierge without all the bills.

The Internet works wonders

A tight budget is no excuse for a cheap hotel room. Use the Internet to your advantage to find the lowest rates available for the best rooms in town. Log on to your favorite travel agent website – you will be surprised at what you may find.

Be on the lookout for nontraditional categories such as ‘hip hotels,’ or ‘spa favorites’ and ‘seaside retreats.’ Your travel websites may be ‘hiding’ discount rooms in these categories.

Are you planning to stay long? If you are, take advantage of discount rates available for tourists who intend to stay for an extended period. You can typically get as much as 30 percent off the regular rates.

During off-season, many travel agencies offer first-class hotel rooms for 40 percent less than regular rates. What’s more you can take advantage of first rate vacation packages, cruises, spa stays and car rentals – all at discount prices.

Take advantage of the hotels where your travel agency has ‘special deals.’ When you book in these hotels, you get huge discounts. You should also use the “sort by hotel class” function on your travel agent’s website, because you will immediately zoom in on the discount hotel rooms you can afford.

Cheapest Hotel Rates Near Disneyland – How to Find Them

One of the most exciting things a family can do together is to take a vacation not to mention taking a vacation to Disneyland. Many people get Disneyland and Disney World confused but you will find that Disneyland in located in gorgeous California. There are plenty of hotels to be had while there but you want to know how to find the cheapest hotel rates near Disneyland so that you can spend the most of your time on your vacation, not worrying about your accommodations.

One of the best ways to find the cheapest hotel rates near Disneyland is to look on the internet. You would be surprised to see how many discounts are available if you look in the right spots. It is important to know that many online companies also offer a price guarantee so if you find the hotel cheaper elsewhere, then they will either take the extra off of your bill or they will refund the difference to you. This can be a great bargaining tool to help you get the best price possible.

Learn to read ads. There are many hotels that will offer special deals for tourists so it can be very beneficial for you to read the ads in local papers from the area of Disneyland. Local travel agents also post specials for tourists where you can get a deal on tickets to the park as well as a lower discounted rate at the hotel. These types of deals help you put money back in your pocket.

You can look for hotel discounts if you travel in larger groups. Getting a group discount can benefit greatly but you need to see what they qualify as a group. You want to be sure you have enough in your party sot aht you get the group rates.

Check with your local travel agent to see what he or she can do for cheapest hotel rates near Disney. Many times they can get a much cheaper rate then you as they buy up the tickets and rooms in bulk so they can sell them cheaper. Learn to bet each hotel against the other. If you can prove that one hotel is offering an outstanding offer, you may be able to get another hotel counter offer back to get you to be their customer. This can really work in your advantage as sometimes free tickets can be thrown in to help accommodate you.

You may want to check on what times of the year are better for travel to California near Disneyland so you will know when the best seasons are to visit. If you go on an off season then chances are you will find great deals at rock bottom prices. This is their way to help build business up during slow seasons. They are almost giving away the tickets and hotel stays are much less during off peak times. Planning a trio to Disneyland definitely requires you to find the cheapest hotel rates near Disneyland so that you can make the most out of your vacation with you and your family and/or friends.